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This is a weekly roundup of the web design, search engine optimization and internet marketing for the marketers and designers out there. Each week we publish the most interesting top stories, and I hope you will enjoy reading, so don’t miss our future roundups.

Lots of great links this week. Learn how to shape your website in 2019, explore the tricks to improve your video content, schedule your social media contents with the free template, round the world with the trending designs of 2019 and much more.

10 Ways to Get Your Website in Shape for the New Year in 2019 – You might have many new goals for your business as the new year is about to knock the door. This article by Hostgator is a reminder for all the curious businessmen to shape their website in 2019 using the strategies they had mentioned to drive more leads

10 Tips and Tricks to Improve Your YouTube Content in 2019 – Content is king of SEO. Hope you all knew it. This article states that ” Youtube is the king of video” and using it wisely can help you acquire a number of subscribers. Implementing the tips mentioned by quicksprout, you can improve your video content in the year 2019.

The Social Media Content Calendar Template Every Marketer Needs [Free Template] – A 11 min read article by hubspot, that helps the social media handlers to plan & schedule the social media accounts they manage using the social media content calendar template of HubSpot.

20 web design trends for 2019 – This piece of information is about the web design that will trend in the upcoming new year. You the designers can employ these trends and boost your creativity. Include these modern ideas in your design world and revolve like a champ.

Selling on Instagram: How to Increase Engagement With Personalized Posts – Am sure, you would be running an Instagram page for your business. But have you attracted your prospects for every niche you create or target? By having a glance at this article you can turn your Instagram posts into more personalized and get it engaged at large numbers.