Ways to drive more people to your Facebook page

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Ways To Drive More People To Your Facebook Page

Facebook – the most rapidly grown and familiar social network is the biggest social media giant now. As it has not got any age restrictions, it is a platform wherein collective people of all age groups can be targeted. Therefore Facebook provides wide opportunities for the marketers to exceed their business. The growth of digital marketing increased the growth of Facebook marketing. And in order to make the best out of Facebook marketing, there are a few ways to be followed. This article will enlighten the amazing ways to lure more people to your Facebook page.

Post a Question

In order to get to know about people’s likes and dislikes, post some general question which stirs up their level of excitement and forces to answer. Thereby a lot of comments can be received through interaction which leads to more engagements.

Choose the right time

Posting on Facebook at the right time is very important to get maximum reach and in receiving the highest engagement. Try posting in different timings initially to get to know about the time when the reach is high. And then stick onto the same time when you put up a new post. In order to get the maximum reach the right time is considered to be at noon or post 7 p.m.

Photos and videos

Creativity is the key to engagement. A mere content would not provoke people into reading but creating a post in the form of an image or a video would attract people to check on it and would drive traffic. Cutting down on lengthy phrases and using a short and crispy phrase would bring in more engagement as people have got very less time to read fully and scroll down.

Conduct a contest

A contest is another effective way to drive people and engage them. It also drives new users to view your page and participate in contests. It is also another effective way to make people check your page frequently on a regular basis.

Ask for what you want

Choose the type of engagement that you want from people as like, comment or share and ask them to do it on your post after viewing it. This is another way to increase the engagement.

Have a look at this short video on how to get more shares on Facebook for your business. (The video will be uploaded to WordPress while updating this blog)

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1mMZ8aHE0Y


Everything might not work for everyone. And there is no particular method that would suit all sorts of Facebook pages.Try different ways and improve the engagement gradually.