Steps to Use Live Video to Build Your Brand – A Great Marketing Strategy

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Live video is a bridge to keep up a two-route connection with your audience, something you can’t attain with reading a script. A video is a significant part of digital marketing strategy. It is not exceptionally costly to deliver proficient film and disperse it. Live video to build your brand is turning into a powerful tool for brands to market themselves on the web and to grow their brand reach.

A video is a perfect medium for brand storytelling pieces, which can live on your website or via social networking media channels. Regardless of whether you’re sharing the brand values and vision, video immerses your audience into your story. Here are the numerous ways that you can utilize live videos to help your audience interface with your brand.

Product introduction and company announcements

This may be one of the principal ways you would think to utilize live videos in your organization. In the event that your company launches new products and services, business changes and acquisitions or even philanthropy work and gifts sponsoring(thus much more!). Through live videos, you can really give your audience a chance to listen and see the messages for themselves and to let people get indulged. Live video helps your audience feel like you think about them enough to address them specifically and attract them to your business. Hence you build a strong relationship with your audience and cherish the momentous occasion with them.

Modify landing pages

Like the home page explainer video, landing pages that incorporate a customized video are very focused on intermediaries for your home page since they are expected to coordinate the welcome (invitation to take action) you’ve sent. By utilizing reasonable cloud-based tools, it’s simple to make hundreds or even a huge number of varieties of a given video. Optimising videos on landing pages can boost conversion to 80%.

Event sessions

One of the ideal ways to demonstrate your audience what you stand for is running events. Events are one of the best opportunities to give indispensable, important information to your audience to help them achieve what they need. So why not share a few sessions through live videos? Your audience will feel included, and likely appreciative to gain from you regardless of the possibility that they couldn’t swing the cost of the ticket. You can also create live events which include presentations, talks, conferences, press conferences, performances, concerts, tours, and demos.

Social networks are investing in live video

Where are all the big media companies spending their money? If you look at Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter are all investing in live videos. Twitter has completed integrated itself with periscope so that you can go live straight from your Twitter feed. Even Facebook and Instagram offers live videos, where the chances of your live videos being organically shown to your audience are much higher. The key thing to note from all of these social media channels is they are investing a much in live videos, which means they are going to promote your live videos more. Therefore the fastest way to get build your brand is to go live!.

Live video to build your brand -a new platform

Many are using youtube video or recorded videos to promote brands, which involves more time and continues efforts. Youtube videos involve many works such as scripting, editing, equipment setups to streamline and to gain optimal results. Whereas live videos are instantaneous, very little planning required and are immediately broadcasted to your audience. Hence live videos are brand new platform to give your business an increased online presence.


Live video helps your brands come to life and live streaming should be tailored according to the needs of the audience. Would you like to invest in live videos to gain more audience? Contact Bright Bridge Information Technology for more detailed information.