Usage Of Online Videos To Advertise Your Law Firm

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Videos are one of the potent advertising tools on the internet. They are more creative, entertaining and eye-catching for the audience to ponder over your products and services. Undoubtedly, video marketing should be your priority when promoting your services. This ‘ultimate marketing tool’ is essential for any marketer to ignite emotions and engagements. Videos not only improve your online presence but generates new clients and more conversions. This article highlights the uses of videos and is much helpful for both lawyers and law firm.

Why we use videos to advertise your law firm

The answer is simple: Yes, it’s worth it. Videos are one of the most versatile tools to boost conversions and sales. Research shows that video advertising is twice as likely to get clicked as those with still images. Search engines also index videos as search results which will increase traffic to your website. When it comes to law firm marketing, you can be in front of the camera and talk about your expertise. This enables the viewers to see your face and recognize your skills. Hence it lays a foundation for a reliable long-term relationship with your clients.

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Upload your Videos to Youtube

Statistics reveal that 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute and Almost 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day. Uploading your videos to YouTube will be the wise idea to cover up a wide number of clients. Before you start, create a Youtube account for your law firm. Format your YouTube channel page and move over to the “Creator Studio” to create content and manage your page. Provide your video with a link directing to your website and use your video to answer general questions. This is a great way to attract new clients by providing information content that is relevant, timely, and positions the attorney as an expert in their practice area.

Add testimonials and a Welcome Video to your website

Create a short welcome video on your law firm which includes brief details of your law firm, members of your law firm, and the legal services you offer. This gives a quick understanding of the viewers who visit your website, as people prefer watching videos than reading contents. You can also add testimonials to your website and frame them in a video library or on a section labelled “Testimonials.” These testimonials will convince new clients to choose you and the credibility of your law firm will be increased.

Webinar Videos

Webinars can be used to share new concepts, ideas, unique contents related to your legal marketing activities. Create your webinar video, post in on your firm’s website and social media networking sites. One of the best thing about the webinar is you can even break the video into sections and share each concept as short clips. Webinars build a strong online authority and attract more potential clients. You can also upload a copy of your webinar to YouTube to gain more conversions.

Post your videos on Social media

Social media is yet another powerful tool to advertise your business. Many social networks encourage video content with their new features. You can go live on Facebook broadcasting your legal practices to the largest audience in the world, with a camera in your pocket. Live is the best way to interact with viewers in real time. Share your short clips of legal marketing pieces in Instagram videos which can be 3-60 seconds long. Twitter has periscope which is a live video streaming app. Attorneys can use this live-streaming app to answer general questions and communicate live with the viewers.


Make sure to announce your new videos in monthly email newsletters and provide links to your online videos and YouTube channel. Implement your own video marketing strategy for your law firm so that you can attract more clients, generate more referrals, and grow your law firm by building authority online. Need video marketing for your law firm? Contact us today to get noticed online.