Tips To Enhance Your Digital Marketing Plans For 2017

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As we have just started the new year, it is high time to plan your digital marketing strategy for the year. Before drawing out a plan there are few upcoming trends to be looked upon in order to create an effective plan to attract the audience. This article might be of interest to those looking to revamp their digital marketing strategies.


Videos have become very popular in the recent years which has got a lot of engagement and views but in 2017, marketers shouldn’t focus on any type of video but rather focus on a live streaming video. The video stream can be used by marketers in various ways as in by capturing an event or new product or a place, based on the interest of your target audience. Live video streams will be in trend this year because it is no more expensive than a pre-recorded video. It will gain high importance this year as it is a cost-effective technique in the digital marketing technology.

“Buy” Buttons

Social media “buy” buttons are the ones which allow a customer to buy online by clicking the button in a social media. Though there are a few “buy” buttons already existing in the social media, there is not much awareness among the online shoppers and also they don’t prefer buying on clicking it as the products listed are very less. By listing enormous products in social media, this tool would be a great success this year.

Personalise the Data

The advancement in technology has led to a collection of the customer’s data which would be helpful in forming a customer profile with the nature of their job, age, sex, locality, interests, etc. In the present year, promotion should be more focused according to the customer’s personal profile. Predictive analytics can aid the shopping process at a much faster pace. Hence relying more upon the data would be very useful in making an effective marketing strategy.

Personalise the Content

As there is enormous content online, people wouldn’t focus much on all of it. But in order to make the content even more effective, the content should be personalized according to the target group. With the personal profile data available, contents should be made attractive as in slogans, captions, blogs, etc which should stir their interest.

80% of marketers say “personalized” contents are more effective than “unpersonalized” contents.

By a wide margin, personalized contents are more effective.

Emphasise on mobile

According to the present scenario, everything has become handy. People aren’t interested in carrying a laptop or prefer being in front of a desktop rather they choose a Smartphone. Any business should focus marketing on the mobile phone. Be it a large content or a small one, it should be attractive to the mobile users and also user-friendly apps should be developed to get the best profit. The website should also be designed mobile responsive so that the website layout fits any smartphone, tablet, and desktops.

The last word

Digital marketing is evolving day by day! So should be your digital strategies. Make use of the above-said tips to improve your digital strategies. Indulge in these strategies to streamline your business and stay on the competitive edge. Do you want to transform your business your business? Contact the best digital marketing company in Coimbatore for a great start!