[SEO] Is It Worth Guest Blogging for Law Firm?

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Running a successful law firm is an all-consuming challenge. To create a solid web presence for your law firm, you should climb the steps to boost your rank position on search engines. Maintaining a website, with modernized content to generate traffic and to stay on top at the searches is a great deal. One of the methods to build authority backlinks to the website is by guest blogging. When accomplished correctly, guest blogging for law firms will implement SEO benefits by encouraging you to build links in a manner that search engines count as organic.

Guest Blogging Can Be a Powerful Promotional Strategy

Guest blogging is an extraordinarily powerful tool to generate more backlinks to your site and position your law firm as the authority in the industry. High-quality guest blogs improve rankings and inspire Google to view your website as an authority or trustworthy source. When you grant your voice to a reputable website that follows with your own company’s values and goals, you authorise yourself as a subject matter specialist to an audience outside your own, adding meaning to your reputation and probably driving extra traffic to your sites. Google decides you as a most authoritative as long as your content appears on the website.

Why Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging as a strategy especially for attorneys will help position your law firm as an authoritative, visible firm standing out from the crowd. The well-posted guest blogging can improve the authority and credibility, use to drive more relevant traffic, and improves the search rankings.

Are you ready to get started? We can help you with this!

Step 1: Locate Authority Websites in Your Niche

The first step is to determine a website with relevant opinions and expertise that would be ideal to locate an article. Check the menu and footer link of some blogs that influence your specific field. If not try hunting “keyword + write for us”. If you don’t come across such a page, then feel free to inquire them via email.

You can also research many websites that seek content from lawyers. Search using some appropriate keywords like “personal injury law + Write for us”, Divorce Law + Write for us”, or whatever you can cook up through your imagination.

Find the below image for better understanding.

Step 2: Determine Whether it is an Authority Site

To cherish the fruit out of your efforts, you should follow some criteria to establish a trustworthy site of a guest post. You may refer the screenshots shared below as guidelines to keep in mind.

Google Page Rank & Domain Authority

Page Rank and domain authority is a google metric used for determining the finding the website that is highly preferable. The strength of the website can be determined by the domain authority. The domain authority falls on a scale of 0 to 100, with greater numbers going to greater authority sites.

You can check domain authority at http://www.opensiteexplorer.org.

There are few things to keep an eye on:

  • It’s not mandatory to look at the number to be perfect, but the higher number will yield higher coverage for your article.
  • You can get exposure to local websites by local blogging, which will help your firm practices locally.
  • Articles on smaller sites even exceeding the local businesses can still have SEO benefits.

Step 3: Read the Submission Guidelines

Keep an eye on the website that has page allowing or inviting submissions from the attorneys. You can find the specifics mentioned, suggested titles and other criteria’s. You would come across the guidelines to be followed and try to follow the instruction, as violating it may pave a way for missing your article.

Step 4: Write Your Article

Some websites seek query first with a pitch. It can be an added advantage if you attach the article along with the first outreach. Sending an attachment along with the first email may have a chance of acceptance rather than discouragement you may face before even started. Be keen on the content you submit. Always rely on the need and desires of the audience. People search on the web to find the legal solution to their problems rather than researching on the legal issues. Hold this as a key and try to attract or impress the readers in such a way they hire you.

Guest blogging is good for building links & trust, so don’t be scared to blog regarding broader topics. When you are article is finished, don’t forget to include the anchor text in the author bio. This is where all of the efforts speaks & the anchor text link back to your website yield SEO benefits.

Step 5: Send Off an Email

Though you may have plenty of outreaching templates online, everything doesn’t help you. Being an attorney, you should outline the approach and should indulge your skills to work. Address the receiver by their first name and let them know the purpose of your approach. Approaching them by highlighting their goods and why they fit may impress them. Outline your experience and other places you have published. In case if you hadn’t written or published your article anywhere then include an outline and the main points of your article.


Guest blogging can reach a large audience and can connect multiple connections with industry based. Everything that you showcase on your website represents your business. Since the guest blogging is the reflection of your law firm, work full fledged on it as if you publish a book on your name. An online marketing strategy is a powerful tool you can use to explore more and more & improves the status in the industries. Improve your confidence with a couple of posts and don’t forget to monitor the same. Hands-on testing & tweaking will become your ultimate source of online prospects.