How To Promote Your Videos On Facebook Groups

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Facebook groups are an excellent platform to promote and share your ideas, interests, topics and even videos. It is a great forum to discuss on a matter pertaining to your business, current happenings and much more. so, you get a chance to communicate with different kinds of people from different communities and industries. You can ask a question and get valuable solutions from the expertise masterminds of the group. Hence Facebook groups are the fast, efficient, free and easy way to promote your video.

Before you enter a Facebook group

  • Never enter a Facebook group and start promoting yourself, without getting known or established. First off all get well known, get to know about other peoples in the groups, start talking with them, post an introductory content about yourself and start answering questions and ask questions. Your dedicated work for a couple of days can really get you noticed inside the group and familiar within the groups.
  • Choose the right kind of group to be in, avoid groups with links and spam either be in the group that promotes support and discussions.
  • Find groups based on your area of interest, for instance, if you are a jewelry maker, join a group which has other jewelry makers inside it or find a group who are interested in buying your designs.

Ways to promote your videos on Facebook groups

Answer questions with video answers

First, find people who are asking questions related to the videos you have made, secondly, answer the question in the comment box along with your video link and never forget to tag that person, who raised the question. Don’t just give a blind link to click, rather write some contents about the video. The other people in the group could also notice your video and you will get a good reach for your video. Therefore, you can witness a great effect and people will start following you and gain new subscribers.

Share your video success

Share the result of the video with the group, on your video ranking and reach. Just post the screenshots of your results and no links. This increases curiosity and people will start asking the question on how did you do it? which in turn gives you a good engagement. This generates more interest on video, which you showed them what’s working for you and the same thing can work for other people too. Therefore, share your wins and insights on your video in the group about your video making.

Post a preview of your video

Go into a social media group and post a preview of your video. Don’t share the link and post it as an unlisted video. Tell them that the video is exclusively for their views before publicly posting it. This provokes people to explore your video and discuss your video. Meanwhile, if you have a unique idea, great things happening within your industry make a video on it and tell people the video is exclusively for them. This will help you to receive comments and feedbacks on your video. Decidedly it is a great strategy to gain more engagement and attention.

Post a short clip of your longer video

Edit your video and make a shorter Version of your original video. This short clip will give an introduction to what your video is about. Consequently, people will get a bit idea of your video and the purpose why you made this video. Finally, share your video link and tell people to watch the full video. This encourages people to watch your video and will drive a great traffic to your video.