PPC Ideas for Personal Injury Attorneys

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Pay-per-click advertising campaign for personal injury attorneys involves effective selection of keywords to reap the benefits. Here are a few ideas for running a successful PPC campaign.

Use long-tail keywords

Most of the law firms employ paid advertising to attract clients. A search shows that the most expensive keywords on Google Ads are related to legal concepts. So it is important to choose the right keywords that reduce the cost of your campaign, yet ensure attracting clients.

To do this, utilize strategies used by top personal injury attorneys to maximize profits and decrease costs. Using long-tail keywords instead of generic keywords is one of the top strategies utilized. It reduces client acquisition costs up to 70%. Also, the conversion rate was higher by 250%.

To use long-tail keywords, you can include a geographic location in the search term. For example, you can use “personal injury attorney Atlanta” or “injury lawyers in Charlotte”. Use specific locations in your keywords and not a generic keyword.

When you use local long-tail keywords, you target potential clients with specific characteristics. This increases the conversion rate. Since the cost of these keywords is much lesser when compared to generic keywords that are not location specific, you can utilize multiple local long-tail keywords for the same cost and attract more clients for your law firm.

Use Geo-targeting

If a person has met with an accident recently and is looking for a personal injury attorney, he is likely to search for terms like “car accident attorney near me”. Your potential client would want a lawyer who is close to his location.

Google indicates that the phrase “near me” in the search terms has increased over 130% year on year. When people use the phrase “near me” along with the actual search term, they are actively looking for the product or service. Which means the purchase decisions would be quicker after they perform this search.

Statistics prove that 76% of people, who look for products or services with this search phrase on their smartphone, visit the business within 24 hours. 28% of the searchers make a purchase on visiting the brick and mortar business. So including ‘near me’ in your keyword can drive these searches to your website.

Write Google Ad text that will convert

Write your ads that will inform people and prompt them to take action. To start with, understand the pain point of your potential clients. Write an ad text that shows how you can benefit them by addressing/solving their pain points. Convey the message in a way that involves minimal effort for your viewer.

An interesting way to write is to offer a free telephone call, free case review or any other easy and quick benefit. Tailor your ads to suit the experiences of different users. People who are searching for “personal injury lawyer near me” are in the beginning stages of their search. They are checking on the services.

People searching for “personal injury attorney San Francisco” are particularly looking for services quickly. They are likely to approach an attorney immediately after performing the search. Use text like “24/7 customer services” and “free consult” for these long-tail keywords.

Create your ad text content that is informative, addresses pain points, and encourages potential clients to approach you with simple yet attractive words. Creative content is what gets more clicks of your potential clients. Spending money on ads will reap benefit only when your targeted clients click on them.

Use the account-based marketing approach on your landing pages

An average conversion rate of legal landing pages is around 3.2%. The average conversion rate of the best landing page in the legal industry is 15%. Since legal landing pages have a track record of slow conversions, it is crucial to focus your landing page to improve conversions.

Using account-based marketing approaches on landing pages has proven to be successful for law firms. This marketing approach treats every single lead as an individual market instead of casting a huge net for a large number of clients. Considering one lead as one market helps provide better service to the client.

The account-based approach avoids junk leads since it works on focusing on one lead. This can be done by pre-qualifying leads before leading them with a marketing message. It can be a short quiz that allows the lead to fill in certain details to understand the service they require based on their pain point.

If your law firm has multiple offices to cater to each geographic location, you can ask the lead to enter a zip code as a pre-qualification. This ensures that your potential client is directed to the correct local office and is within your geographic locale.

Use numbers that people can call to in your PPC campaign

Over 70% of people engage in a click-to-call feature on landing pages. People have moved away from form filling and waiting for a callback, to directly calling the business to make an enquiry. Using numbers in your ad campaign will encourage people actively looking for a lawyer to contact your business.

Your PPC ad text should offer an easy path to call an attorney and offer a compelling reason for the same. A single click is all it should take for a potential client to call. Top law firms are using the click-to-call feature on Google ads and top performing landing pages.

A study by Google found that potential clients who used click-to-call had a very high intent of committing to the service provider. You can also track your calls using Google AdWords or platforms like CallRail to collect real data. This will enable you to track what is working and what is not.

Use effective keywords to attract conversions

Choosing the right keyword is of utmost importance in a PPC campaign. Do your research and use local long-tail keywords to optimize searches. Use relevant geographic locations in your search targeting to attract potential clients locally.

Use the right long-tail keyword for your campaign, write attractive ad text, including the number and use account-based marketing approach. These ideas will help you target potential clients and provide the best user experience for the visitors arriving on your law firm’s website.