Local Marketing

Everything you need to know about local marketing

Local marketing often referred to location-based marketing or neighborhood marketing targets customers by a defined location. Local marketing is the marketing technique used by a local business to market its products and services in the area where it operates. This type of marketing is used by small businesses mainly by a restaurant and stores to promote themselves around a specific location.

Local marketing highly benefits a local business as the Google algorithm uses a searcher’s location to assist relevant local businesses. Hence your business growth opportunities are high enough to drive more sales by doing local SEO. Local marketing is also used by large businesses known as micromarketing. This article will provide you the important pieces of information on local marketing.


In the internet kingdom, you can use certain online techniques to raise awareness for a specific brand.
Here is how online marketing will help you target local audiences.

Local website

A website is mandatory for any business. Your local customers will be lured if they get know that their local store has a website to purchase products and services. A website with perfect landing pages for each product categories will enable the customers to make an informed decision before buying a particular product. Having a responsive website with relevant information and updations will surely attract your target customers. As we live in a digital era, the majority of the customers surf online for buying products and services before visiting the local store.

Local search

Does your website listed in the local directories and in the search engine. Google My Business allows you to list your business where it operates and people in that particular area will find your business easily. Google My Business listings will show the entire details of your business including the address, phone number, email address, and website. Google local listings are connected to local SEO, so make sure your SEO strategy is perfect to meet the Google guidelines.

Local social media

Due to the vast internet penetration, people hang out on social media more than anywhere. Therefore creating a sound social media presence to entice local customers is essential. Local businesses invest a lot of money and effort to drive sales & leads through social media marketing. Social media marketing is very effective in local marketing as you can target your local customers based on location, place, and demographics. Moreover, with social media marketing, you can run ads about your products to reach your local customers. The number of followers, likes, retweets, and mentions from your audiences shows their interest in your business.

Local mobile

Now it’s the era of “mobile first”, everything created for a desktop should be optimized for a mobile. If you ignore mobile, you will be missing out a huge number of potential customers. Therefore, your website should be responsive that is the layout should fit both the desktop and mobile users. Mobile responsiveness means your website layout must suit any kind of devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Even Google has come up with the “mobile first” and recommends every business to invest in responsive designs.

Local lead generation

Local lead generation is similar to the practice of generating any other leads. You can use some lead generating tools available to you to attain success. One of the tools is the “popups”, you might have noticed most of the websites and e-commerce store has this. Popups are not spammy and inform your customers with new products and offer and of course, it can generate leads for you! The next effective lead generating tool is “landing pages”. Landing pages with relevant information and simple forms can help you generate an ample amount of local leads. Create a campaign with lead generation tools- popups, landing pages, forms, contests to drive more local traffic.

Final word

No matter how big is your company or where your audience resides. An impeccable local marketing strategy will make a strong rapport with your target customers provided wherever they are on the planet. Need local marketing for your startup or business? Get expert help from our competent marketers. Call us today!