Local SEO for Lawyers – 8 Strategies to get your law firm on the map

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According to recent statistics, 90% of clients search and select their lawyers online. As the numbers keep increasing by the day, law firms use powerful strategies for local SEO to be easily reachable to potential clients.

Here are our law firm marketing 8 proven strategies to get your law firm on the map in 2019.

1) Providing good mobile user experience

Over 70% of people search for the best law firm on Google using their mobile phones. Over 50% of these people visit the brick and mortar store of the law firm within a day or two after performing the search. People who look for legal information, law firms, or attorney using their phones are more likely to take an action when compared to searches performed on other devices. This makes it all the more important to provide a good mobile experience of your website to the users

2) Rank locally for the right keywords based on your core practice areas

People search using keywords. Only when your website ranks in the first two organic search results, a potential client will click on it and reach your website. Since all the law firms are vying for attention on the top, it is imperative to choose the right keywords for your website to feature at the top. First four search results would invariably be paid, so when you are ranking in the first position, your website would be on the fifth. Unless the potential client scrolls past the paid results, they will not reach you.

3) Take advantage of Google My Business (GMB)

Google My Business is the backbone of your website’s local search presence. GMB provision’s you to interact with your clients in various ways. You can use this tool to measure customer interactions on Google Maps on the following insights.

Visits to your website from GMB
Photo views
Request for directions
If your website was found on search results or maps
You can interact with your audience using these features on GMB:

a) Reviews

Reviews are read by the audience just before they decide if they want to proceed with your service and head to your law firm. Seeing and responding to reviews constantly is the key to minimize negative reviews. While you re-work with the customer who has provided a negative review, the customer is almost always ready to update their negative review to a positive one. Also, Google keeps a check on reviews as a factor in SEO ranking.

b) Posts

You can interact through posts. It can be a featured post that has details of an event or offer wherein you can also include a customer call-to-action.

c) Question and answer

People can directly ask questions on your business’s GMB profile. Your business and any other user can respond to the questions asked as it is open to all. An easy way to answer the questions would be adding frequently asked questions and answers so the audience can refer to it before posting their question.

d) Messaging

Customer/visitor can send your business a chat message from the search results page.

4) Manage an online reputation for your services

Positive Google reviews for your law firm are as important as a good SEO ranking. After visitors find your website on their search results, they will first look through reviews before going to your website. Online reviews are the social proof that has to be managed for social reputation. Negative reviews harm more than no reviews.

5) Review signals

According to Search Engine Watch, 90% of consumers read reviews before visiting a business and 72% of those take action only reading a positive review. Key factors to improve online reputation are

To take your online reputation to the next level

Develop a review strategy
Monitor your reviews
Amplify positive feedback
Share your best reviews on social media

6) Personalization

Personalization is the only way to connect uniquely to every client. Google recognizes this fact and awards businesses that consistently add new content to personalize their GMB profile. Since the purpose of your Google My Business map listing is to interact with your audience, here are a few ways you can personalize your profile.

Hours – To add regular, specialized business hours and holiday hours

Images – add images of your office space and staff

Posts – small blogs with CTA to send traffic to relevant long-form blog post on your website.

Video, messaging, question and answer, reserve, custom tracking are other features that you can make use of.

7) Behavioral signals

Google analyzes user interaction with your brand by checking if people leave your website as soon as they arrive. They look at factors like page views, content engagement percentage, and click-through rate from maps to your website, etc. to rank well, update your website, keep it engaging and responsive. Use tools like Google Analytics, Google My Business, GTmetrics to track the results.

8) Social signals

Social media engagement is also measured by Google to analyze your brand engagement with the audience through various platforms. An effective social media strategy will help you connect with a larger audience.

These 8 main strategies will help you take your law firm to the next level. For best results, contact an expert SEO agency who will strategize and implement it to meet your marketing goals.

Last Line:

These 8 main strategies will help you take your law firm to the next level. For best results, contact an expert SEO agency who will strategize and implement it to meet your marketing goals.You can feel free to contact us on any doubts and if not you can even use our SEO guide for law firms to know more.