Law Firm SEO: 10 Actionable SEO Techniques to Rule Google

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Search engine optimization is the only organic way to reach out to your audience on Google. 96% of people seeking legal advice use a search engine. SEO is the most effective way to attract new clients to your law firm.

Here are 10 actionable SEO techniques to rule the giant search engine – Google.


1. Create a user-friendly website

Google directs searches to your website so the user finds what they are looking for. When a user has a good experience with your law firm website, they are bound to visit again. So the criteria to make your website friendly for your audience are the same that will satisfy Google.

a) Website structure

Make it easy for the user to navigate your website. Every page on the website should add value if it doesn’t – remove it. Structure main tabs and sub-tabs in the order of process/information, whichever is relevant. If your website is content-heavy, it is even more important for the navigation to be simpler to enhance user experience.

b) Remove zombie pages

Remove the pages that are no longer required or relevant. For example, archives, old press releases, pages that contain less than 50 words and image media links. You can identify such pages using your Google Webmasters account.

c) Create your content easy to skim

When a non-legal professional is visiting your website, they will first skim through the content to see how much they can relate to it. Make reading easy for them. Use short sentences, short paragraphs, bullet points to highlight pointers and sub-headings. Avoid jargon and complicated legal explanation.

d) Use images and bold important terms

Images and graphics content makes the content visually appealing to the audience. Use relevant images and graphics that relate to the content. It is also easy to digest and the user can store important information that is in the form of images on their phone.

Use bold text for important terms.

2. Make your website mobile -friendly and quick to load

Mobile users have surpassed desktop users in 2018. Tablet users have also been successively increasing. This makes it important to make your website suitable for all screen sizes.

Website loading time is the first user experience with your website. With a shorter attention span, people do not wait for more than 2-3 seconds for a page to load. Stats prove that websites that load faster have 16.5% increased conversion rate.

3. Establish core practice areas

Establish a separate detailed page for each core law practice.

Include the attorneys’ picture and details that specialize in the practice. These are the most important pages on your website. You can,

  • Short and easy-to-read sentences
  • Use sub-headings to break texts
  • Use bullets for a skim read
  • Include relevant images on each page

4. Create different types of content

Create content that will help at each stage of a typical customer journey.

a) Awareness

At first, a user will want to find answers to his questions. You can create content in the form of blog posts, articles, videos and other resources.

For example, how can I get my driving charges dropped?

b) Evaluation

In the second stage, customers evaluate the options. They search for reviews and successful cases handled by Law firms that are posted online. Your testimonial page will display your professionalism. You can also include reviews received on other forums.

c) Find a lawyer

The final stage is where clients are actively looking for a lawyer using search terms like,

  • Criminal defence law firm
  • Criminal defence lawyer
  • Criminal defence
  • Hire DUI lawyer

When you optimize your core practice areas for the right keywords, your website will show up on Google at this stage.

d) Use different formats to present content

For the three stages above, use different content formats such as blog posts, articles, images, videos, infographics, case studies, testimonials, FAQs, etc.


5. Create videos to reach YouTube audience

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine with over 1.9 billion monthly active users. Creating new videos regularly for YouTube will help you rank for YouTube searches and gain visibility on Google. You can use YouTube’s ‘Search Suggest tool’ to find the most searched keywords and then include those keywords in your video titles, descriptions to rank for them. You can also create videos for,

  • Client testimonials
  • Legal FAQs
  • How-to tips
  • Explain legal practice areas

6. Make your blog the go-to source for your practic area

You can build high-quality in-depth content for your core practice areas. This is a sure shot way to reach your target audience. You can write,

  • Blog posts on key topics/current issues relevant to your offerings
  • Step-by-step guides
  • Articles explaining legal terminology and complex topics in simple terms
  • FAQ

7. Secure your website with SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

An SSL certificate is the standard security for a website in the internet space.

4 reasons to add SSL to your website:

  • HTTPS is a signal in Google’s algorithm ranking
  • Around 40% of Google page one organic listing are HTTPS
  • 84% of users abandon a purchase when they do not see SSL on the payments page of the website
  • SSL certificates act as a tiebreaker between two competing websites in Google’s search results

As there are multiple types of SSL certificates, you can search for lowest price SSL. There are various options in the market and RapidSSL certificates are one of the finest choice of many webmasters.

8. Create your ‘Google My Business’ account

All the law firms target local clients regardless of their core practice areas and size of the firm. Using Google My Business is the first step to this. Your law firm is displayed in the local search results for the information shown in the below example.

To optimize your Google My Business account,

  • Enter your exact business location so the users can find you easily on Google maps
  • List your official business website in the most appropriate/specific category to show up in search results.
  • Add all the information that users will need to contact you – working hours, working days, address and phone number(s). Make sure this information is exactly the same across your other business listings online. Update it whenever there are any changes.
  • Add photographs of your staff and business premises. Get customer reviews on Google.

9. Link to credible sources

Quality and quantity of websites linked to your website will measure your law firm’s authority for SEO. The website with the highest number of digital votes is ranked the highest in Google’s search results. Here’s how you can build these votes,

a) Legal directories

There are plenty of directories online. You can choose the top ones that will add value to your law firm.

b) Location links

You can get backlinks from other local websites and blogs. You can guest blog for other Legal blogs and get a link back to your website. Better Business Bureau is an important directory where you can get an extra vote of confidence online for your Law firm.

c) Scholarship backlinks

Educational institutions have high-authority in the online market. You can approach universities and colleges to mention about your law firm and get a link back to your website. Google has a high ‘trustrank’ for them, which will benefit you.

d) ‘No follow’ links from social media

Social media not only builds your presence on its channels but also your social media accounts generate a ‘no follow’ hyperlink for your brand/website.

10. Measure and iterate your SEO KPIs

Measure and analyze your SEO KPIs frequently to check the results of the strategies implemented. The 4 KPIs to measure are,

  • Rankings – check to rank for main keywords on Google
  • Traffic – a number of visitors generated by organic search
  • Pages – traffic received on landing pages that were targeted
  • Leads – visits converted to leads

You can measure using tools like Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

Final Thought:

These are the 10 actionable SEO techniques that will help you rule Google in 2019. For further queries, you can contact us here. You can implement these techniques to stay top or even get in touch with attorney marketing companies to turn leads.