Your Law Firm is Missing Out!! – Google Featured Snippets

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Google keeps optimizing its search algorithm to improve the user experience. As per the latest algorithm update, Google is placing heavy emphasis on featured snippets. Since 2000, law firms have been working to secure the first position in Google’s search engine results page (SERP). But after the introduction of featured snippets, the spot to secure is position zero as featured snippets appear above the SERP.

What is a Google featured snippet?

The box at the top on search engine results page highlights content that best answers the question searched. This box appears above the organic search results, making it spot zero. Featured snippet includes a summary of the answer, link to the page, page URL and title – basically everything that you work to rank in an organic search,

For example, here is a featured snippet for the search term ‘how to write a killer attorney bio?’

Why are Google featured snippets important?

According to a study by BrightEdge, traffic from mobile & tablet is 57% whereas 43% from desktop. Since more searches are performed on smartphones and tablets, it means only the first result on the SERP will be visible due to the screen size. Also, featured snippets are mostly pulled up on the SERP when a voice search is done.

Types of featured snippets:

There are three types of featured snippets identified by STAT.

Paragraph featured snippet

This is the most common type wherein Google extracts text from a page to answer the question. These snippets appear when search terms are – How to, how is, what is, why is, or, A vs. B.

To rank for a paragraph snippet,

  • you have to provide the answers within the first 40-50 words of your blog post
  • answer the question logically directly beneath/after putting forth the question
  • reiterate the questions in an H2 subheading

List featured snippet

List snippets appear for search terms – How to, DIY questions and recipes. To rank on spot zero, you can put the information in a table so it appears as a list when the search engine pulls out the answer. The second way is to repeat the targeted search query as H2 subheading and put forth an answer preceding the question.

Table featured snippet

These snippets appear as a summary collection of results from data sets such as lists, pricing, prices, and dates. To get your table featured, insert well-structured tables on your site/blog posts with appropriate heading preceding each table.

How can your law firm get a featured snippet?

Google extracts featured snippets for a search programmatically. This means, when a person searches on Google for a question, the search engine looks for pages that contain an answer. It then displays that answer as a featured snippet above the organic search results. You can hire an attorney marketing company for SEO works and can achieve the same. You can either use the following steps to get featured snippet for your law firms.

Include several content formats on your website

Google generates featured snippet based on the type of content on your site/blog. For example, if your web page content includes a list, if Google decides to show a featured snippet, it will be a list snippet.

Therefore, include lists and tables wherever appropriate in your blogs that are posted regularly.

Build content based on Google’s people also ask feature

For searches where snippets are not pulled up, people tend to look through the ‘people also ask’ feature on the SERP to look for more information.

For instance, when a search is performed for the query ‘why is digital marketing important?’ people tend to look through the relevant questions.

When you build content for the questions above, people are likely to click through the answers provided which will lead them to your website.


A review is essentially an opinion. And it is of much importance in the legal profession as the stakes are always high for the clients. After a reader has done much research to understand the basics of what he is looking for, the next thing he wants to read is the opinion of a practising professional.

Research your target query space

Use tools to find the kind of queries searched for the kind of services you provide. Then, format your existing content to match the query so the chances of it being pulled up by Google for a featured snippet are higher. Use the same strategy to generate your future content.

Write FAQs

Frequently asked questions are a great way to cater to Google for featured snippets because the answers are precise and concise. The search engine looks for answers that are provided right after the question is asked and that is within 300 words. Make sure the answer is delivered within the first 50 words and in a manner that encourages the user to click through and read more.

FAQs serve both your readers and the search engine for organic search results and snippets. So updating this section frequently with content will drive traffic.

Final Thought

Google keeps changing the sources of answers for the same search query. This means, if your website has been featured for a particular query once, it may not always come up for the same. So the best way to stay on top is to add fresh content to your website and blog regularly to capitalize on the position. You can even have a look at our ultimate SEO guide for law firms or even you can contact us for any doubts regarding the SEO implementation for your law firm.