How To Increase Referrals For Criminal Defense Lawyers

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Criminal defense lawyers facing the central challenge of getting potential clients efficiently and serving them successfully. It may efficiently happen through referrals. The challenge criminal defense lawyers are facing is how to increase referrals for more business chances. Before move with the key point let us have some information about referrals.

Referrals may introduce you with the warm welcome notifications that “I know the best criminal defense lawyer to find an effective solution for your problem”. In addition to that referral has already expressed a positive impression to the audience regarding the services and technical skills of referred lawyers. Therefore best impression of you is already getting placed in the prospective client. In this case, it is not that much complex to convert that prospective client as your client. Now you can understand the importance of referrals.

Now we will travel with the point that how to increase referrals for criminal defense lawyers.

1. Exploit Your Existing and Former Clients

One of the greatest ways to increase your referral source is exploiting your existing and former clients. Former clients mean that they do not have any work for that moment, and existing client means that they do have some work for that moment with you (Lawyers). The circle of existing, former clients and potential clients may more or less same and small. That circle maybe some social circles such as professional clubs, specific organizations, and parallel demographics and with same alike interests. In such cases, the reach of potential clients may get simple through existing and former clients. Since your former and existing clients share every process about you to the new audience. Also, they will share all about your technical skills, quality of your work, confidence and trust of you among the new audience. It will make your possibilities to convert this new audience as your potential client. So concentrate to make your existing and former clients as referral sources. For example when your former clients who have gone through weapon evidence suppressed case come in contact with and attract other people who are having that same problem.

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2. Other Lawyers Outside Your Firm

Getting more referrals from other lawyers who are all belongs to outside of your firm is best practice to make potential clients. Now you may have a question like why other lawyers should refer you.


There are a lot of reasons to hide behind this. Since other lawyers may not be able to provide service because of geographical distance or conflict of their specific area of interest. They may not wish to provide service since getting engaged with other clients. At this point, other lawyer’s referrals may increase your engagement in a great manner. This kind of referrals may be increased only based on geography or specialization. Sometimes clients are in the need of narrowly specific specialization but the referring lawyers don’t have an interest in such specification.

3. Other Individual and Business Contacts

As a lawyer, your clients may spread across various places. You could not identify where is your client may stay. In this case, your business contacts and other individual contacts such as your local community, family friends, your parent’s friends, parents of your children’s friends and so on. This kind of creating referrals may be a strong stone for your process of building business development.

In this reference, you may lose your community relationship when you are not satisfied with the referred clients. For example, if parents of your children’s friends, may refer any client for you and if you are not able to provide satisfying service to that client then sure it will create a lack of enthusiasm and ultimately it will spoil the relationships from the referral source. So possibly concentrate more on how to develop and maintain the confidence for referral source on you. As well as maintain the trust with your referred clients also.

When you are making referrals don’t agree to a false marketing persona. Keep your standard in the best way to present yourself and never move with the polished appealing.

Also when you are meeting any business people never hand over your business card to everyone since it creates forced space among them. Instead of doing this kind of activity just get other business cards and have a healthy contact after that particular meeting also. It is a better chance to develop trust in you from other people. And they will remember you in the entire situation which will be suitable for you.

4. Make Your Online Presence Strong

In law firm marketing online presence also play an important role to develop online referrals. You can develop your online presence by e-newsletter, blog, landing webpage, all the social media such as Facebook, Instagram and so on. Focus on a specific space to enter your client’s feedback entry and how they felt happy with your service. It will lead to possible referrals for your services among different audiences. You may also announce reward for the online referrals based on how many numbers of social media platforms they have used to post about you. You may offer any coupon for their purchasing or offer special tickets for any special events that may happen in near. Your online presence will develop more online referrals and people may get engaged with your online space. Concentrate more on the easy to link space for your referral content. Especially showcases your best referrals in your landing webpage.

5. Give Referrals To Others

In all probability, the best way to increase referrals is to make a routine of referring business to others also. Recommending another business to your friend or office mate is one of the best ways to build a network of chain connected to your law firm marketing. Organize a monthly early morning meet up or dinner level of meet up with your law school classmates and with your friends. In this occasion, attendees have a greater level of referral opportunities.

In addition to the above points, keep in mind that it is not possible to turn every meet up into a referral source. To do this successfully educates them that what kind of lawyer you are and what kind of referrals would be helpful to you. Insist keen about your specialization in their mind. Justify the level of risk associated with the making of referral to everyone. Make a referral source to believe it is completely based on the need of request.

Never forget to follow the above in any case. Follow this practice to expand your client’s network and grow your referral business. Don’t forget to stay top on the mind of clients.