How To Market Your Law Firm On Twitter

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Twitter is one of the popular social media networks with 328 million monthly active users. This network enables its users to post short 140 character messages called “tweets.” Twitter aims to provide everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers. It has 82% active users on mobile, following breaking news and commentary about everything on the planet. If you lack the presence on Twitter, you will loose the potential that Twitter has for your business in terms of exposure and digital marketing. This article tells you how you can master twitter for your law firm marketing or law practice.


The hashtag is a typographical symbol with power. Hashtags originated from Twitter is now being used in all social networks. Tweets with hashtags get more engagement than tweets without them. Create your own hashtag which is relevant to your law firm, interesting, informative and catchy to attract attention. This enables users easier to find posts on similar themes or topics. Make sure your hashtag is powerful as if someone clicks hashtags related to your industry they must be able to notice you in search results.

Have a glimpse at the trending hashtags related to law firm:

#law #lawyer #attorneys #attorney #lawpractice #lawsuit #legal #lawyerlife #lawyered #lawyers #lawyering #lawyerfashion #attorneylife #lawfirm #lawfirmlife

Followers and Following

Don’t just follow everyone and follow too many people who don’t bother to follow you back. Instead, follow everyone who fits your target market which includes your clients, competitors, and co-workers. These users are most likely to follow you back which leads engagements. Do follow people who are retweeting and favoriting other law firms tweets. Try to engage them in conversations and leverage your interactions.

Network on Twitter

Twitter is the great business networking platform with real-time communication. Before you start with it know the two essential points on networking with Twitter. First, connect with potential clients, other lawyers with whom you can build a referral network. Second, find ways to establish relationships with these people to get beyond the Twitter scope. When attorneys attend major conferences they tweet about the event associating with some hashtags. Therefore you can connect with other attorneys and this interaction could transform to in-person meetings.

Images and Videos

Use images and videos to drive more clicks on Twitter. They are proven to receive more clicks, views, and shares than plain text tweets. Tweets that include images uploaded directly to Twitter are 94% more likely to get retweeted. The optimum image size is 1024 x 512 pixels. The maximum file size is 512MB for uploading videos and the maximum video length should be 2 minutes and 20 seconds. Therefore by considering these guidelines for rich media, you can upload photos and videos related to your law firm. You can also send videos and GIFs via Direct Message.

Twitter analytics

Twitter analytics helps measure and boost your impact on Twitter. Check your dashboard to know your tweet activity. You can measure engagement and learn how to make your Tweets more successful. Your audience insights dashboard contains valuable information about the people who follow you on Twitter. Twitter analytics allows you to track your follower growth and learn more about your follower’s interests and demographics. Quick Promote allows you to share your best Tweets with a relevant audience in just a few clicks, from your analytics dashboards, Twitter timeline, or your mobile phone.