How SEO Marketers Help You Attain A Strong Position In The Drug Rehab Industry?

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You own a rehab center but functioning without a marketing plan? Using the old tactics like purchasing rehab leads and PPC can only put your money flushing through the drain. To unlock the floodgates of golden opportunities, an effective marketing plan & a strong marketing mix is needed. You can put several marketing strategies into play with the assistance of SEO marketers.

One rehab patient for a 30 day diagnosis program can bring in almost $6000 – $30,000. When it comes to 90 day programs, the entire average price can range from $12,000 – $60,000.

$35 billion worth industry on an annual basis, you can expect to compete with national brands as well as lead generation indexes. Getting hands on sound rehab marketing from professionals is very important as it determines how long you can expand the phone calls, branded engagements and website visitors. It is all about how long the customer’s journey or experience can be prolonged.

Drug Rehab Marketers & SEO

Owners or digital marketers of drug rehab programs must invest in sound digital marketing strategies for enhancing the organic search existence. SEO carries the highest ROI amidst all marketing strategies.

Now there are some questions that need to be addressed.

  • What is the starting point?
  • How can a drug rehab center get started for optimizing the search rankings?

Let us now dig deep in learning how digital SEO for drug rehab programs play a very important role in all marketing strategies.

  • Enhanced visibility & rankings – The best digital marketers are the ones who employ SEO for rehab facilities as it guarantees enhanced visibility. A rehab website that is well-optimized will always appear higher in SERPs. The better ranking of a page, the better is the number of clicks achieved especially when the website is one the very first page.
  • Augmented authority & link building – The positioning of websites on SERPs is determined by Google via the website’s authority. This is one of the most effectively proven SEO tactics through wordpress development company. The quality and the number of links spotting to the website from various other sites on the Internet determine the authority. For instance, suppose your rehab facility website comprises ten links from a renowned news website. But when your competitor attains hundred links from other renowned 50 news websites, the authority will be automatically higher. Your website will be then outranked.

Apprehending Customer Requirements

Considering all kinds of audiences is important when SEO marketers develop strategies for your drug rehab website. Your business might need to connect with:

  • Teenagers
  • Parents of youngsters
  • Addicted children
  • Teachers
  • People struggling with the habit of addiction
  • People who are in recovery stage

The question that you must now ask yourself is whether your website and services are fully prepared for offering guaranteed results to these audiences or not.

Thing to keep in mind are:

  • Content creation needs to be done carefully. For instance, if the content speaks only to the one who is addicted, chances are that you will miss prospects for connecting with various other portions of the audience. Put together useful information for family & friends as well as it will drive much more traffic to the website. Also, there must be content for people who are rejoicing in recovery.
  • In a treatment facility, it is probable that various sorts of addiction are treated. Dedicated pages must be present for designer drugs, alcohol and opioids so that everybody can get hands on information they are seeking for competently and rapidly.

Studying the market

You can understand more clearly how you can use SEO for witnessing success for your rehab center by studying the current market.

Let us look at the statistics

  • Search engines & particularly organic traffic is the most important foundation of web traffic
  • SEO is the most perfect place to put all your investments and efforts as there are restrictions by Google AdWords on Drug facility campaigns
  • 80 to 90% users emphasize on organic results and neglect PPC or paid ads
  • Brands that are into blogging attain 435% better indexed pages that means they will attain more leads as well
  • Proven SEO tips must be followed as inbound leads charge 62% less in comparison to outbound leads
  • SEO leads carry a close rate of 14.7% which is definitely more than outbound leads

The alarming statistics on drug abuse are:

  • 22 to 30% patients who have chronic pain & are stipulated opioids, misuse them
  • Approximately 5 to 7 % who exploit prescription opioids, shift to taking heroine

When you are in the business for running an effective drug rehab center, it is a fantastic instance of social entrepreneurship. People from all over the world are continuously reverting to Google for discovering best drug rehab facilities.

In the keyword planner of Google, if you put typically searched 10 keywords, you will witness 93,600 searches every month.

Key SEO factors for marketing you rehab

When working with one of your trusted SEO marketers make sure that he never neglects the basics. Some fundamentals that must be followed for attaining leads through SEO are:

  • Your website needs to be linked to Google Search Console
  • Make sure the sitemap is animatedly submitted to BWT & GSC
  • Run the website through tools like Screaming Frog for auditing redirects and checking broken links
  • Utilize Schema
  • Clean up the pages that report 404 errors
  • Manage duplicate contents across & within domains


Results of effective SEO will always be concrete. More visitors and leads to your drug rehab facility are guaranteed. But this only happens when the digital marketing enterprise you pick has equipped itself with proper know-how as only then they can move ahead with website optimization for utmost effectiveness.

Connect with us today as we have materialized as a thought leader in the space of addiction treatment. We can deliver dynamic websites for drug and detox rehab centers. Our content is SEO ready & we will help you in enhancing your search rankings. Call us today!