What Will Be The Future Of Digital Marketing Look Like

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The world is changing fast. Things around us are transforming. New trends and technologies are entering the global market. Businesses around the world are in a steady competition to grasp all these advancements. When it comes to digital marketing there is so much! Yes, digital marketing is like an ocean and there is n number of changes arriving day by day.

New Year is around the corner and each year brings a new bunch of trends in the digital marketing realm. With the rapid internet penetration, consumers are changing and demand an integrated experience. So will the digital marketing sector provide lucrative benefits for the consumers? What will be the future of digital marketing and what are the trends sets for digital marketing? This article will predict the digital marketing trends that will be on the rise this year.

Rise of Augmented Reality(AR)

Augmented Reality is augmenting real-world environment by using the camera of your device to augment the sounds, video, graphics with computer-generated technology. Now brands and other internet platforms use AR to engage with their customers. AR technology allows brands to trigger sponsored AR content, using the customer’s location which can be accessed at that time and spot. Mobile devices are potent and social media platforms started integrating with AR. Facebook has recently launched its AR studio in open beta, allowing brands, artists, publishers, and developers to create a custom effect for the Facebook camera.

Investing in influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is trending now and brands are investing thousands of dollars into influencers for a great reach. Stats says that businesses generate $6.50 for every $1 invested in influencer marketing. Influencers build trust for a potential brand and nearly half of all customers rely on influencer recommendations. Beauty and clothing brands have endured great success by using celebrities and micro-influencers. Now brands like Amazon has geared up for influencer marketing. Decidedly, marketers will execute more influencer marketing this year 2018.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

There is no doubt that the artificial intelligence and machine learning will be in the headlines in the year 2018 also. Various predictions reveal that 20% of all business content will be authored by machines in 2018. AI and machine learning will streamline the digital marketing process which will transform the customer-brand experiences. With AI marketers could anticipate the likes & dislikes of the customers and determine which specific content should be served based on the customer behaviors. AI will provide a personalized digital experience for the customers and brands could get their ROI. The AI will change the marketing forever and machine learning to beat humans at board games and TV game shows.

Focus on Generation Z

In the year 2017, marketers were obsessed with the millennials. Now, the next generation is on the rise- Gen Z. Brands will be focusing on Gen Z consumers than millennials in the year 2018. Twenty to thirty-year-olds (millennials) grew up with PCs in their home, however, Gen Z is the first generation of the digital era. Gen Z is a generation savvy people and innovative thinkers. Gen Zers live online and this is why the marketers have changed their focus on Generation Z. Brands has revamped their digital marketing strategies to lure these Gen Zers.

The final word

The future of digital marketing can be predicted and determined by these trends. Digital marketing will become more analytical and board. All the above said technologies will change the entire digital world fab for both brands and consumers!