Effective Youtube Marketing. 8 Strategies Businesses Need To Include In The 2020 Marketing Plan

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YouTube is the ultimate destination for online video sharing where modern video culture unfolds every day. YouTube is considered the second most visited website, currently has 1.9 billion active users worldwide where 5 billion videos are shared and watched each day. It an effective platform to reach the audience in real-time, helps in interacting viewers whether you are streaming a video game, hosting a tutorial or launching a product.

Why Do Businesses Need To Use YouTube As A Marketing Platform?

In recent times, Video marketing has transformed from marketing Tactics to entire business strategy. YouTube has become an important advertising and marketing platform for businesses of all sizes and shapes to promote its products to prospects and customers. It is a versatile platform for business through the entire customer buying journey: creating awareness, increasing customer engagement, converting a lead to deal. YouTube analytics helps businesses qualify and prioritize leads. The platform creates immense opportunities for increasing brand awareness, driving more traffic and generating more leads.

Follow these 8 effective YouTube marketing strategies to help you reach more audiences and improve overall results.

8 Effective YouTube Marketing Strategies To Include In 2020 Marketing Plan

1. YouTube Live

More people are likely to watch live content than a regular video while live video content looks authentic and relatable. YouTube Live videos create interactions that allow the audience to relate and connect with brands in real-time. Brands and marketers use YouTube Live to create unfiltered conversation by allowing customers to ask questions and speak directly which increases brand authenticity and creates a higher possibility of people buying the product.

Showcase your brand or product through YouTube Live video.
Collaborate with influencers to attract a wider audience.
Acknowledge to audience comments and feedback.
Use YouTube Live features: Live automatic captions, location tags, and Super chats.

2. User-generated Content

To earn compelling viewership YouTube creators need to come up with quality content to ensure it is easy for viewers to relate. ‘Follower decides’ content increases the marketer- viewer relationship to a higher level. Over the last year, videos created by follower-decided content have garnered more than 100 million views on YouTube. Brands and marketers should give viewers an opportunity to decide content to increase true engagement. This would consistently increase user excitement around the next product videos.

3. YouTube Advertising

YouTube advertising creates a huge opportunity to get in front of a target audience and brands can use the following type of Ad formats to grow business and generate revenue through video content. The different type of YouTube contents are:

  • Non-Skippable Ads– Pre -roll ad campaigns can only be 15- 20 seconds long. Entertain your viewers through effective short content and gain better engagements.
  • Skippable Ads– Skippable ads are True-View ads and these ads do not force people to watch. Skippable ads can be shown in two ways: In-stream ads and Display ads.
  • In-stream Ads– In-stream appears for 15- 30 seconds. It is the most commonly used ad type helps to boost subscribers on YouTube.
  • In-display Ads– In-display ads are shown on search lists, related video section or as video overlays.

4. Shopping Guide

YouTube is considered a valuable source of information for creating a shopping experience for consumers. Videos created by brands should follow an ultimate guide to simplify the user experience. Video such as Shop with me, Gift Ideas, Hauls, product reviews, how to use tutorials engage consumers in the pre-purchase and post-purchase stage. A study proves more than 80% of online shoppers prefer YouTube videos to find detailed information about products.

For example, Retail store businesses can offer a guided tour by creating a video to show consumers the A to Z of choosing dresses in their store.

5. 360-degree Videos

The latest version of the YouTube supports uploading and playback of 360-degree spherical videos helps in creating a remarkable sense of product presence and lets users explore products and content in unique ways. YouTube also promoted an alternative stereoscopic video format called VR180 (Virtual Reality 180), a three-dimensional immersive video that builds interactive experience, allows real-time interaction and boosts customer engagement.

Showcase or launch products in 360- Degree videos and create true potential engagement through immersive content.
Enclose the opportunity and allow customers to see products from a different angle through 360- degree videos.

6. Study Your Competitors

Study your competitors and find which video gets the higher views and engagements, what type of content used and add those details on your business strategy. Competitive analysis is an essential tactic to reach the potential audience and it varies depending on the business size and shape. Users prefer to see two types of content while they surf on Google: text-based results and how-to videos.

The competitor’s audience of other brands with the same niche will more likely view your videos. Identify and frame keywords, video descriptions, and use engaging content to boost ranking in YouTube feeds.

7. Work With Influencers

Influencer marketing on YouTube helps in involving endorsement and product placement from influencers who have a purported expert level of knowledge in a specific niche. Work with Influencers who have a large following, actively involved with communities, with multiple and diverse ranges of interests to increase brand awareness and reach the potential audience. Reach out to influencers who have detailed knowledge about your business and build brand popularity and credibility.

8. Measure Your Analytics

Constantly monitor your YouTube analytics to maintain and grow your YouTube channel. Creating a channel, publishing quality content and forging a partnership with influencers are the essential strategies to build brand awareness, but measuring YouTube Analytics is an important factor to increase business ROI (Return on Investment).

Whenever you publish new content, analyze your content performance by checking subscribers count, new audience demographics, playback location, and traffic. Have a detailed report to identify what works best, which content needs improvement, and refine your business strategy.


YouTube isn’t just a video sharing site; it is a social network to promote your business. Follow these effective YouTube marketing strategies in 2020 and increase your business popularity.

Directly interact with your viewers and expand your viewership with end screens. Add call to action or playlists to visit other videos, insert links to direct users to your website, and try to point the audience to the subscription button in some creative way. Create teasers and build hype for an upcoming product launch to grab early attention and live stream to gather feedback on your videos.