Digital Transformation: The Ultimate Guide To Step Into The Digital World

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The world is transforming rapidly and everything we look around is “digital”. Google says that 97% of consumers use the web to search local businesses and brands. This means the majority of your potential customers are online and you should be too. No matter what niche your business belong to or how big or small, having a strong online presence is imperative for your business growth and digital transformation.

The theorem is,

Sound online presence = Increased brand awareness

Whether you are a beginner or pro this article will help you to transform your business. Read on and get ready to start your digital journey!

Choose relevant domain name

You might be a novice and bewildered on how to start your business. The first and foremost thing is to claim a name for your business. A lackluster domain name will severely hamper your online presence. Be mindful that your domain name is relevant to your business. A professional domain name builds authority and expertise. Having a domain name will make you stand ahead of competitors. Good domain name establishes your brand and its credibility. Keep in mind that your domain names are short as people tend to remember the shortest domain names easily.

Build your website

You are now ready with your business name and domain, now it’s time to build your website. Your website will be the face of your business and will expose your brand in the digital space. Studies reveal that 92% of consumers prefer getting information from a business website than any other sources. For digital transformation build an appealing website for your business artistically and user-friendly. Make sure to build a responsive website, where your website layout will fit all screens including desktop, mobile, and tablets. Develop a site plan and organize your website pages properly. See to that your website URLs, page title, meta description, title tags, keywords, and headings are prominent. Finally, do SEO for your website- the primary factor for your website to rank on the search engines.
Create a content strategy

Content is the vital lifeline for any website as the visitors get the information about your business. Great contents attract your potential customers and thereby increasing conversions. Develop a content strategy which is effective to drive more clients to your website. Frame contents that are relevant to your industry type and that can engage your target audience. Generate quality contents that are unique and contents of your website can include documents, blogs, video contents, infographics, and slideshows. Do remember that only fresh and quality contents will be taken into account by the Google for ranking your website. Avoid duplicate contents as the Google algorithm is designed to find the duplicate content and will penalize you.

Leverage social media

Never underestimate the power of social media to grow your business. Digital transformation of your business is not possible without social media optimization. As social media is one of the cost-effective ways to promote your business and increase brand awareness. Social media marketing promotes trust, reliability, and sales of your business. Social media has become important as you can directly interact with your target audience and study their interest thereby delivering the right products & services. Social media allows you to share everything about your business, where you can get more leads. Hence leverage your social presence and lay your business in the digital space. Mainly focus on the Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as these platforms offer ‘n’ number of ways to grow your business.

Get listed in online directories

Once you have done with your website and leveraged social media, now you should get listed in local directories. As a startup, you may find difficult to attract new customers. Gone are the days where people use yellow pages to find a local business. Today people are turning to the internet as they find trusted information about businesses. Start listing your business in popular directories related to your niche. Make sure you give complete information about your business but not just your contact information. There are enormous business directories online like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, Justdail, and many more. Make sure you include company name, logo, designated person name and address this will create a positive brand perception amongst your target audience.

Create a call to action(CTA)

Adding a call to action is a marketing strategy to get your target audience respond through action. A call to action(CTA) can be placed anywhere on your website, email and at the end of a blog post. Research your online visitors and identify what they do when they visit your website. Encourage them to do so by adding an effective call to action. CTA’s like “subscription to newsletters” and “call now for free service” will capture your attention of your visitors. An effective call to action can increase your social media followers(“follow us on Facebook to get coupon deals”) and can build your email list(“signup for the free report”). Make sure every page of your website, emails, videos and printed materials contains a sound call to action. Keep your call to action clear & simple and get them into your digital transformation funnel.

Final word

Well, you might have got a clear perspective on how to jump into the digital world. Remember there are many like you striving hard to conquer the digital space. Therefore analyze and monitor your business performance for an easy digital transformation. Analytics will help you measure your traffic, page views and clicks. Use Google Analytics the most widely used web analytics on the internet. If you know any other ways to digitize your business, do share with us in the comment box below.