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How To Drive Website Traffic From Twitter- Infographics

November 10, 2017 Brightbridge_admin Social Media Marketing

Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams created the Twitter and launched it in July 2006. Twitter is a social networking service that allows people to share messages known as “tweets” of 280 characters for all languages except...

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Instagram Banned Hashtags

September 26, 2017 Brightbridge_admin Social Media Marketing

Instagram developed by Facebook is the most loved social networking platform used by millennials. Instagram is growing incredibly fast. It has over 700 million active users. Hashtags are most popularly used by Instagrammers and surprise Instagram...

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Impact Of Social Media On E-Commerce

August 12, 2017 Brightbridge_admin Social Media Marketing

According to the present scenario, people spend most of the time on social media. It is one of the best platforms to market a business online. As there are a lot of engagements in this, it paves way for enormous new opportunities to grow a business....

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How To Promote Your Videos On Facebook Groups

July 20, 2017 Brightbridge_admin Branding,Business,Social Media Marketing

Facebook groups are an excellent platform to promote and share your ideas, interests, topics and even videos. It is a great forum to discuss on a matter pertaining to your business, current happenings and much more. so, you get a chance to...

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#10 Hidden Facts Of Facebook Advertising

July 10, 2017 Brightbridge_admin Branding,Social Media Marketing

Facebook has grown an amazing user base for online advertising. Facebook ads let organizations and associations interface with the general population who are destined to be occupied with their products and services. So unless you’re offering a...

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Impact of YouTube Live In Digital Marketing

March 22, 2017 Brightbridge_admin Social Media Marketing

Youtube launched in 2005, is a video sharing platform with 400 hours of video content uploaded every minute. Youtube announced live streaming, where brands can reach their audience live by taking advantage of live streaming on youtube. People can...

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How Facebook Advertising are helping brands convert consumers to shoppers in stores

March 14, 2017 Brightbridge_admin Social Media Marketing

Facebook is the most preferred network among the millennials. Brands who were not aware of the social media marketing has now started to harness the power of social media. Social media marketing offers an ocean of opportunities for both brands and...

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4 Ways to Use Instagram Stories for Business

February 8, 2017 Brightbridge_admin Social Media Marketing

Instagram has been rapidly growing with 500 million active users worldwide. Engagement rates on Instagram are 15 times higher than Facebook and 20 times higher than Twitter. The Instagram story is a new way for the marketers to attract people to...

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Ways to drive more people to your Facebook page

January 30, 2017 Brightbridge_admin Social Media Marketing

Ways To Drive More People To Your Facebook Page Facebook – the most rapidly grown and familiar social network is the biggest social media giant now. As it has not got any age restrictions, it is a platform wherein collective people of all age...

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Impact Of Facebook Live And Periscope On Social Media

January 20, 2017 Brightbridge_admin Social Media Marketing

Live Streaming is the future of social media. There are many live streaming apps but Facebook Live & Periscope has created a huge impact on Social Media. Nowadays Facebook Live overcomes Periscope in many ways. Live streaming on either platform...

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