9th Legal Weekly Roundup

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This is a legal weekly marketing link roundup with few hand-picked articles, guides. Each week the article we provide is packed full of legal marketing tips that help you to grow to the next level. Don’t miss future opportunities, click here to subscribe.

How to Grow Your Law Firm by Hiring the Right People

Running a successful law firm is not an easy deal. It’s important to hire the right people to grow your law firm. Have a look at this article and educate yourself on how to hire the right people.

Reputation Management: How to Protect Your Law Firm’s Online Image

A 7 min read article by Firmidable that helps you to maintain your online reputation management using the strategies they had mentioned. Find what everybody says about you, manage your reputation and improve your firm’s image and caseload.

Five Inexcusable Law Firm Website Design Mistakes

This article reveals the inexcusable mistakes that your law firm shouldn’t do. It’s just a five min read article that highlights the mistakes the law firm does. You can read the full to avoid future mistakes.

5 Professional Lifestyle Tips For The New Lawyer’s First 5 Years Of Practice

Every lawyer has their own privileges and challenges. This article is about the tips that might help the new lawyer’s in the first five years of law. Consider these tips and execute the same for your first five years of practice.

Legal Marketing: Five Ways To Keep Your Clients Coming Back For More

Welcoming new clients is wove but bringing your past client is not an easy deal. Here is an article that gives the key route to bring your past clients to the service you provide.

These days, attorneys discover many things and,they are ready to learn more. There is nothing a lawyer can’t do. You can optimize your websites, make it mobile-friendly and much more. But what you have to concentrate is, you should be updated with the changes to stay competitive.

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