#4 Digital Channels That Deliver The Best ROI

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Businesses across the globe strive hard to yield maximum ROI. People implement distinct strategies and consistently work to attain this profitability ratio. Do you wonder which marketing campaign to choose to get an excellent return on investment? Which digital channel tend to produce highest ROI? The answer is here, get to know the four digital channel that offers the best ROI with systematic planning and proper execution.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the best platforms to gain high ROI as your business gets noticed and increases your brand awareness. Marketing your brand through social media enables to find and connect with your target audience which builds great conversions. Social media is a gateway to interact with your customers where your brand builds trust, loyalty, and reliability. Every blog post, image, video, or comment may lead visitors to your company’s website and increase traffic. Thus social media marketing is cost-effective and gives the maximum ROI. The below picture shows how to calculate social media ROI. Say you earned $1000 form social media on an investment $500, then your profit would be $500.

Now your social media ROI is $500 profit/$500investment X 100= 100% ROI.

Paid Advertising(PPC)

Pay per clicks functions in a peculiar way that advertisers pay each time whenever their ads are clicked. It is a method of buying visit to your website rather than seeking to earn organically. Compared to other digital channels like social media marketing, referral marketing, Email marketing, and search engine optimization, pay per click is trusted to produce instantaneous profits. Pay per click campaign yields the best ROI metrics within the specific industry by using a combination of various online advertising methods like Google Adwords, shopping ads management, remarketing and advertising via Google display networks.


Search optimization will improve your presence in the natural search engines and it is the most effective way to multiply your ROI. One of the unique features of search engine optimization is, it offers advertisers to place their ads in front of potential customers, who are ready to purchase your products. SEO will drastically improve your website’s ability to rank in the search engines and will result in cost-effective customer acquisition. This generates more leads to your business and drives more traffic to your website. SEO improves your site’s architecture and links to find pages easy to navigate. Hence search engine finds it easy to crawl your site and displays relevant information on your website as well.

Email marketing

Email marketing has been portrayed as the most highest-ROI digital strategy when executed appropriately. Some portion of this is the minimal effort of making a business listing and sending emails; it won’t cost you much in the method for time or cash. There’s likewise something of a development figure, as the estimation of your email campaigns will increment with the measure of your business listings. Nonetheless, email marketing is reliant on various other interrelated strategies to be successful – and really understanding that a structured campaign or monthly newsletter will help reduce the risk of not returning-on-your investment.


ROI can only be attained with a proper strategy and execution. Does your business lag behind on generating ROI? Contact us to get maximum return on investment for your digital campaigns.