There are 4 types of Business-customer relationships, which one are you?

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A relationship between business and customers goes hand in hand. It is essential to establish a good rapport with customers for any business to survive. On the other hand, it is also significant for the clients to be honest with their service providers. Business-customer should have a long-standing relationship built on trust, which leads to better work and prosperity for both.

But to be honest, not every business-customer relationship is perfect. Due to conflict of interest, the business-customer relationship is pretty poor. There are four types of business-customer relationship and you can find out which one are you in? Okay, let’s jump right in.

The junky business with the great customer

This scenario is hard to spot as most of the businesses assume themselves as smart enough and have a low esteem of their customers. To be honest we can say that they are bewildered with the real value of a great customer. Such businesses often criticise their customers.

“My customer doesn’t know anything”

“My customer has lack of knowledge about the industry”

“My customer is stingy”

These are the statements said by those junky businesses. In spite of criticising your customers think how you can improve your business strategies. Do it promptly before your customers choose another good company.

The great business with the lousy customer

Conversely, this scenario is also not common. Great businesses also get cranky customers who don’t understand their service provider. Those lousy customers frequently complain about their business provider. Even if provided with first-class services, they are not satisfied and expect more than they have paid. As a great business agency, you know how to handle such type of clients. You can educate them on the marketing strategies and how you work to increase their profit. Give them a chance to tell their queries and feedbacks. Great businesses always hear their clients complaints and take necessary steps to rectify it.

The great business with the great customer

Wow! it is an awesome combination. This relationship lasts forever and they both work together to achieve their goals. They have an impeccable understanding and communication. They anticipate the needs of each other and cooperatively they create their great brand.

In this scenario, both of them are aware of their ups and downs. They set objectives based on their potential and travel on the same track.There might be controversies but they know how to tackle them and build their relationship. If you are this type of great business and a great client, take time to thank and appreciate each other. Because you both have to go long journeys ahead.

The junky business with the lousy customer

This is quite a faulty relationship as both of them, are not aligned towards their goals and objectives. Both have different interests, ideas, and perceptions. This disputation leads to less work and poor productivity. Yet another main cause is lack of mutual communication. Deadlines are not met, tasks are not completed effectively hence we can say they are lethargic. They both blame each other for the losses they incurred, instead of finding their errors.

Take time to analyze which kind of relationship are you in. If you have ideas on how to sustain business-customer relationship do share your thoughts in the comments below.