24th Legal Weekly Roundup

Brightbridge_admin Weekly Roundup 2175

This is a legal weekly marketing link roundup with few hand-picked articles. Hope you are busy with the cases and definitely, you might never have time to surf websites that provides knowledge about marketing.

And so we are here to help you to look at the informative blogs you require right now!!

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7 Vital Elements Of Productive PPC Campaigns For Law Firms

The right way of PPC campaign strategy can generate a good cost per acquisition. But getting it done requires some vital elements. Have a glimpse of this article to meet and exceed the profit.

Does Your Firm Have A Marketing Automation Strategy?

This article reveals the marketing automation strategy that can help your law firm. With these marketing strategies, you can compete with others without spending much on ads.

Is Blogging Really That Important For Lawyers?

Just a 7 min read by legal marketing journal that highlights the importance of blogging for small business. This article gives a different perception about blogging and it may help you to practice different things that you may fail to consider.

Car Accident Lawyer Google Map Spam

This article by Everest legal marketing that helps the car accident lawyers to avoid google map spam. The thought they had shared might help you to overcome the google spam.

How Legal Professionals Can Leverage LinkedIn

Linkedin is a powerful professional tool and if it’s used wisely it acts as a powerful weapon for inbound marketing. This article by content bacon might help you to reach many people and also they have given the tips to polish your profile etc.

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