23rd Legal Weekly Roundup

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This is a legal weekly marketing link roundup with few hand-picked articles, guides. Each week the article we provide is packed full of legal marketing tips that help you to grow to the next level. Don’t miss future opportunities.

Lots of great links this week to explore. Learn how to reshape your website and marketing strategies with the tips mentioned.

10 Tips for Writing an Effective Law Firm Blog Post

A 7 min read article by good2bsocial that shares tips on how to write an effective law firm blog post. The article includes important characteristics you should notice and the impactful blog posts that legal marketers should keep in mind.

2 Critical Numbers Every Law Firm Must Know

This article is all about the numbers that each law firm should know. Every lawyer should know how much money each lead is costing you and how does it cost you to get a new client. Have a look at the article and understand the difference between a profitable & struggling firm .

Trend Is Law Firms Moving Blogs Off Websites

This article stresses the point that law blogs should be located off websites on another domain to build influence, and to achieve better SEO & to generate business. Have a glimpse of the article and explore more.

Avoid Using Difficult to Understand Legal Jargon in Your Law Firm’s Blog

This piece of information is about the difference between the usage of words. It clearly explains what kind of words should be avoided in the Law Firm’s blog. Make use of the article and use the correct words in the law firm blog.

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