19th Legal Weekly Roundup

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This is a legal weekly roundup with the best articles that may help you in the marketing concern. This weekly roundup is boxed with helpful tips and links that may take your skills to the next level.

Voice Search Optimization for Law Firms

A 5 min read article by goblackfin that highlights the way of optimization you can do on your website for voice search. So enjoy the blog post and learn about voice search optimization.

Lawyers: How Your Offline Marketing Impacts Your Online Marketing

This article reveals the fact of how offline marketing impacts online marketing. Have a glimpse of this article and explore more about the impact.

Is Stock Photography Bad For Law Firm’s SEO?

This article covers the issue of whether or not the stock photography has an impact on Law Firm SEO. It also explains that using stock photography in the law firm’s website will not give a personal touch.

Law Firm Content Marketing

Hope you knew that people use search engines and social media platforms to interact online and content plays a vital role. Read the entire article by acceleratenow on law firm content marketing and implement the same for your law firm.