14th Legal Weekly Roundup

Brightbridge_admin Weekly Roundup 2326

A toothbrush to migrant children cannot be promised, lawyer Sarah

Justice Department Lawyer Sarah B Fabian whose courtroom video went viral suggested that the federal government under Trump’s administration may not provide soap, toothbrushes and even beds to the migrants’ children who were detained.

Jailhouse eye injury just cost Sacramento County $650,000, says the lawyer

A federal lawsuit by a former jailmate Ramin Shejarlab who was jailed in April 2016 says he injured his eye while in custody and was left without treatment for months that lead to the partial loss of vision, will now claim the $650,000 from Sacramento County which they agreed to pay.

New law Firm Diversity Award by Faceboook select Kilpatrick

Law Firm Diversity Award presented by tech giant Facebook has selected Kilpatrick Townsend. A winning firm was selected by collecting diverse data from 40 law firms that lead a scoring system to rank those law firms.

NLJ 500: 2019 Survey of the Nation’s Largest Law Firms

The number of lawyers working at the United States 500 largest law firms in 2019 NLJ 500 grew by 2.5%. The other lawyer category which includes counsel, senior attorneys of counsel and staff attorneys has seen unexpected growth

D.C Council will hire a law firm to investigate Jack Evans

To investigate embattled lawmaker Jack Evans, D.C Council will hire a law firm, says Chairman Phil Mendelson. The probe which could begin as early as next month will be overseen by an ad hoc committee of the council.