13th Legal Weekly Roundup

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Law Firms Awarded $3.6B in Government Contracts over 10 years

Roughly $3.6 billion was awarded by the federal government for outside legal services from 1st Oct 2009 to 30th Sept 2018. In 2018 alone, $344 million was processed says new analysis of federal contracting data by Bloomberg Law

Law Firm that investigated Jack Evans for Metro found “multiple violations” of ethics code
Jack Evans, the metro board chairman violated the panel’s ethic code in number of instances. To investigate Jack Evans, a law firm was retained by the board that dealt with the two private companies and a 2018 business plan.

Lawyer Get 14 Years in Prison for Extorting Millions From Porn Pirates

The lawyer turned lawbreaker Paul Hansmeier sentenced to a whopping 14 years in jail for his role in bizarre extortion scheme. He targeted online users who downloaded porn.

Weinstein’s “Dream Team” of Defense Lawyers Falls Apart

The Lawyers who have represented the movie producer against the sexual assault charges in Manhattan have bowed out one after the another. Its been only 6 months since Harvey Weinstein built his “dream team” to represent him against sexaul assault case in Manhattan but all the legal cast has fallen apart completely.

Two Seattle Law Firms Combine To Form 180 Attorney Shop

The two Seattle based law firms Foster Pepper and Garvey Schhubert combine forces to extend their reach. The merger will take place after the voting of partners from both firms and the merged firm will be called as “Foster Garvey”. Foster Garvey will have 180 attorneys working in full time.