13 Video Marketing Techniques for Lawyers to Attract Clients

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Video has dominated social, and its marketing strategy is becoming a boon. Video marketing is not just one piece of a marketing plan but one of the strategies through which you can generate high traffic, growth in sales and can convert more leads for your law firm.

Incorporating video marketing in your overall strategy can

  • Reflect in SERP & Improves SEO
  • Enhances engagement with your target audience
  • Can influence that you are the right Law firm to choose.

Learn how you can cherish the immediate results via video marketing with the help of these 13 video marketing techniques.

Execute Keyword Research

Performing keyword research is essential since it uncovers the video content your targeted audience is looking or searching. Researching the keywords before starting the video is worth the time, cost and effort you invested in making the video.

Hope you might be aware of keyword research since its the base for writing content on your website. In the same way, executing keyword research and incorporating them in the video content helps the video to reach the targeted audience.

I headed to YouTube to search and started to type “Personal Injury” , and as a result, YouTube suggested me with related video searches.

Have a look at the screenshot for better understanding.

You can also get ideas from Google search suggestions like the below-added screenshot:

You can also generate video content with the help of a few tools like TubeBuddy Tags & YT Cockpit.

TubeBuddy Tags ,which is a free extension ,allows to checking the tags competitors are using. You can do this by installing the extension and then head to your competitor’s video to check the tags. You can get an idea of the tags your competitors are using. If the video is not properly optimized, then you can create tags based on the subject to outrank it.

YT Cockpit is a tool that throws many keyword suggestions with the metric of views.

After identifying the keywords, optimize your existing videos ,or you can even create a new one.

Quality Script

The video content should connect your audience in an emotional and in an intellectual way. Ensure the video script is quality enriched , and the audio is clear.

You can even invest in good scripts to touch on the key points. A good video should have a clean intro, high audio quality and clear cut points. Use the content as it naturally flows.

Points to be noted:
  • Include the points in a general way and make sure you address them all in front of the camera.
  • Open up the subject of the video at the very early stage; otherwise, viewers won’t stick.
  • Be as conversational as possible or try to be like interactive, but avoid confusing the audience.
  • Keep Your points crisp and point.
  • Avoid using local slang
  • Practice reading the script in front of friends or colleagues before talking in front of the camera.

Build Educational Content

As mentioned in tip 1, during keyword research ,you would have uncovered a few search terms that people are looking for on sources like YouTube and Google.

Use those keywords as a base and create a video that highly educates the people. Not all the users are ready to hire a lawyer but ,they often look for information about a particular legal matter.

Personalize your videos for the sorts of informational/educational searches and try to answer the questions your target audience is asking.

Here’s how Holmes, Diggs and Sadler to help educate their audience on the subject. The video by them is enriched with pieces of information that help grandparents to know their child custody rights.

Including a call to action button in the video is a key point of good video. The secret of educational videos is that you need not be very innovative and doesn’t take much time. Just a clear communication in front of the camera is more than enough.

A video that is informative answers; typically ,people’s questions result in building more engagement and trust. It may also increase the lasting time of the user on your website and can boost traffic too.

Develop Outstanding Branded Video

Including high branded videos on the homepage is becoming a trend of best law firm websites. It is done to spread the brand and showcase the firm to the people who can turn as leads.

Usually this type of video is useful for the targeted audience in the second stage of their search. They would be looking for a solution for the legal problem they are facing. When they are looking to hire, they expect answers for what makes you unique? In what practice you are specialized? Etc.

A branding video of a law firm includes:

  • Your unique value & why should they call you?
  • Demonstration of your credibility & authority
  • Values to build trust and engagement
  • An interesting biography
  • Shots of your law firm’s ambience
  • Key personnel with a few words

And most importantly, place your video on your homepage to spread your brand.

See where The Perecman Firm places its video on the homepage, for instance:

You can even upload your videos in multiple other pages to achieve maximum ROI.

Create Testimonial Videos

Another area you have to concentrate on is testimonial videos & case studies. It’s the videos where your clients look upon since they are in the decision stage.

Your prospective customers want to know how you had sorted the bad experiences of your clients since that mirror their own experiences.

The testimonial, which is social proof ,can nurture positive things in the minds of people who are in the intention to hire you.

People know that video testimonials are harder and can’t be fake. So the video testimonials in your law firm website will grow more trust, and it would be more compelling. Video stories can connect with other unknown people emotionally.

Encourage Video Interviews

Another thing you should keep an eye on the video marketing strategy is to include interview videos on the website or YouTube video channel. The random customer would like to know in-depth before having a connection via phone.

In interview videos, people want to hear about your practice areas, the cases you won and the types of people you worked with and some the unique way of your approach.

Take the example of Charles Juntikka & Associates, LLP. You can click through and watch the videos in which the lawyer is interviewed.

Develop Vlogs

Vlog Stand for Video Blogs.

The videos can be shot even using the iPhone, but make sure it is clear and audio of high quality as mentioned earlier.

Vlog is normally designed for sharing thoughts & insight. To be on a particular topic is more important in Vlog.

For example, you can highlight:

Experience of your courtroom in recent times

Most viral cases

Experiences of your client

Opinions that sounds good of your practice area

Tips for your audience

A tour of your office

Working on Vlog can set out you to stand out from the crowd. You are clean at how you can help your audience. If you are good at delivering the thoughts, it’s easy to break the barriers that you face from your legal clients. You can also create a loyal following.

Incorporate CTA in Videos

Call-To-Action is more important. Get into the habit of implementing it every time in FAQ videos, Vlogs, branding videos, testimonials etc. Likewise ,in law firm landing pages, inculcate CTA button in all modes where you stand in front of your audience.

Don’t be navigated in a false state; the efforts you put in video marketing should never be slaughtered since the CTA is “salesy”. Your calls to action should be based on the help you render to the viewers in taking the next logical step.

Examples of calls to action relating awareness:

Click the link below

Visit the website to explore more

Examples of calls to action relating to hiring:

Need help? Call Now

For Free Consultation: Call XXXXX

Use Multiple Platforms

Cool!! You have researched, implemented ,and almost your videos are done.

It sounds good!! What’s next?

Get your videos to work for you. Publish them in all the places you can reach your target audience.

Educate your targeted customers by answering their questions and try to improve conversions with some social proof.

On Website


You can even use the world’s largest video platform: Youtube

You can use in Facebook ads and on your feed

Optimize your videos

YouTube is where you can start building a following for your videos.

Uploading the videos is not the end-stage; it’s the stage where real work starts. Optimizing the video is so important since

5 billion people watch Youtube every day

1 billion people use Youtube

And it’s the 2nd largest search engine after Google

Most of the attorneys like you, use to upload their content but it gets buried along with other videos on the same subject.

To stand out, you need to optimize the page with some differences. Your video needs to appear on the top of the result for the keyword you are targeting the same as Google.

YouTube Ranking Factors:

Based on session time. Time spent by the user after watching your video.

Based on the watch time of the user.

Based on the percentage of people who watched your video.

Based on the engagement of your video

Based on Click Through Rate.

Factors to notice while optimizing your videos:

Video Title:

Incorporate the main target keyword at least once in your title so that it will be compelling enough to encourage users to click to watch the video

Example: Child Custody Factors in Houston

Video Description:

Make sure your video description is 200 words or more than that. Include your targeting keyword and also make it long, so that it gives a solid understanding of what the video is about resulting in CTR boost.

Video Tags:

Another step in optimization is to set the tags. Choose the tags relevant to the content. As mentioned earlier, you can even find the tags using extensions and can add them in your videos. Try to settle on 5 – 10 tags.

Indulge Your Keyword:

Indulging the keyword you are targeting is more important. The title, description, keywords and tags you set should have the same relevancy. If the video you start talking is irrelevant to the video title, description and keyword, then you may be penalized in the rankings.

Optimizing these factors opens an opportunity to outrank on largest trending platform on the earth!

Make use of FB Display Campaign

Youtube is not the only channel where video dominates.

You can even use Facebook where 100 million hours of video are watched and getting shared 12 times more than the text and image.

The Engagement in the FB is normally higher and the Ads become effective

  • Include video for all these stages of the sales funnel:
  • Building awareness- can drive traffic to your home page.
  • Consideration phase – can drive traffic to the information pages.
  • Conversion – can drive traffic to the landing page which is designed to convert visitors.

Can go long if it Makes Sense

Long videos with meaning really work. Viewers are not clicking your video to check the product but to decide and to hire. Important decisions require time.

As a legal firm, your ultimate goal is to connect with the clients to help them make a decision and to educate them.

It’s not possible to explain the whole case solution in two minutes, so don’t try to do so.

Go long in the cases where your videos related to articles, blog posts and other sorts of content you produce.

Several Key benefits of long video:

Provides an in-depth understanding of the topic.

It can improve the watch duration which results in Youtube ranking factors

Longer videos serve to rank better on YouTube.

Examine the time of the top-ranking video for marijuana possession law in California

Videos of high time duration also can be ranked higher in search engines as well as on YouTube.

Boost Engagement with Animation

Many attorneys are not comfortable in front of a camera.

A common challenge many lawyers are facing is standing before the camera. This fear can be lessened by using animation.

Normally, in how-to-do videos, you can use animation with a voiceover to create engagements. Including animation is one of the best alternatives.

Using animation you can help a viewer visualize the legal cases, court processes, other event works in an interesting way.

Animated videos include music and reminders and can be memorable with your audience.

Though animation won’t cover your needs it can help as the best alternative.

Last Line

More than 70% of your clients are watching video online than last year.

So you can use your videos to stand in front of your clients. Use available video platforms to create video and stand ahead of your competitors.

You can even hire a digital marketing agency to consult and produce your video.