10 Best Law Firm Websites of 2020

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A well-structured website you have is the voice of your brand. Usually, the best law firm helps to increase the number of leads you get & project you like the best experts in your specific area of practice. Your law firm website should focus on developing an appealing user experience, a clear goal and a user-friendly content. The most engaging law firm websites appear in a variety of colours, designs & layouts.

With a professional law firm website, you can build credibility and can turn your visitors into clients. If you are stuck or confused about how to develop a website that helps you achieve the clients, you are in the right place.

What Makes Your Law Firm Website Visually Good?

A good legal website should have an engaging design that uses your brand colours, fonts, & your logo. You should always keep an eye on the significant features that are necessary for your website. The lawyer and attorney websites include features such as responsive design, loading time, clear navigation etc. These features will improve the user experience regardless of the device they are using to access your website.

it’s important to note some features which are the factor for the best lawyer websites which will attrect more clients

List the Practice Areas:

It is necessary to list the practice areas you are specialized in since it allows the website visitor immediately to know whether they are in the right place. Once they are clear about the lawyer they are looking for, they will be willing to schedule their initial consultation.

Showcase Your Achievements:

Listing your publications and achievements on your website is the best way to showcase your knowledge and the area you are excel in. This way of showcasing helps to build the credibility, and also it helps to convince your clients that you will win the case.

Attorney Profiles:

If you have hired multiple lawyers, list their profile in a professional way which helps the visitors to understand which attorney is specialized in the area of law that is relevant to them. It also helps them to explore more about each lawyer’s talents, achievements, education, and the ways to contact them.

Integrate Call To Action:

Your website needs several calls to action button on your website that encourage the visitors to contact you. It even navigates the visitors to schedule the consultation.

Incorporate Content That Addresses the Client’s Concerns:

If someone is hiring you for their case, they will be having a ton of queries. For Instance, If you are a personal injury lawyer, you might face questions like:

  • Does the cost is high to hire a personal injury lawyer?
  • How long the case of personal injury take to resolve?
  • Should I approach other companies like insurance?
  • What are the initiatives I have to take before pursuing a personal injury claim?
  • Do the law firm I hire help me in medical bills?

These are few questions, and there are much more you have to address. If you outline these questions with answers on your website, it will definitely earn the trust of your clients. This way of approach on your law firm website will tell them that you are willing and you can help them throughout their personal injury case.

Creating compelling content on your website will make you stand unique among your competitors.

  • Write a website copy based on your target audience.
  • Highlight your unique propositions.
  • Mention what practice areas you are best to handle?
  • Mark the positive outcomes you had obtained recently.
  • Give importance to the testimonials on your website.

Formulate the content in such a way it narrates the above-mentioned points. Engaging content on your website ensures you new prospective clients rather than just clicks & impressions. Put your efforts on digital space to attract quality prospects to your business.

Here we had listed some of the best legal websites for you to get an idea of how the design and layout can be:

Sutliff & Stout, Injury & Accident Law Firm

In this website, you can observe how clearly Sutliff & Stout, Injury & Accident Law Firm had showcased their awards and also the design is so elegant and neat.

Turks Legal

A simple design is clearly evident in the Turks Legal website. It is easy for the users to understand the practice areas, Turks Legal law firm is specialized in.

The Perecman Firm

The Perecman Firm has a satisfying headline that convinces the client. They also had projected their strength to the user through the images of their attorneys. You can also notice the separate pages that will help the client to understand the firm in a better way.


Y-law used to always stand as an attention-grabbing website through their header image. You can also notice the list of achievements, publications, and awards in their home page which builds trust in the heart of clients. You will also find CTA in their website that encourages the client to make a call.

BIghorn Law

Like other websites for lawyers on the list, Bighorn law has done an excellent job of placing their expertise & authority. The photos they had used around their site gives a touch to their brand.

Roulston Urquhart Criminal Defence

Another rich website for attorneys, but with a header that marks an everlasting impression. The photo of the attorneys in the homepage builds the confidence level and assures a trust factor to the clients. They had clearly mentioned their areas of practice too.

Lewis Rice

A simple website that allows the user to select the practice area and location they prefer. The header images convey the message that ” they are always with their prospects”. What sets this law firm website design apart is the accessibility the client has to select the attorney.

Foot Anstey LLP

Another stylish design which has lined up in the website design for law firms is Foot Anstey Law firm. They had given equal importance to their publications, about them and about their content in a progressive way.

Bronstein & Carmona, P.A

You can notice an engaging content that makes the client stick to their law firm. They are also giving confidence to their clients that they are in the right hands. The design, layout and colour of Bronstein & Carmona are also chosen in an appealing way.

Surrano Law Firm

Highlighting the Free Consultation is the best way you can assure your clients like the way Surrano Law Firm did. They are very clear in their conveying message and how they can help their clients. The CTA button they had used is one of the intelligent ways from which you can convert the clients

Final Thought:

We had shared a few best lawyer websites from which you can inspire. We had listed few, but there are much more from which you can encourage yourself. Time to restructure your website with appealing designs and layouts. We are also happy to help you with the best legal website designs templates. Contact us Now if you still have some doubts!!